Weird oil

weird oil

Weird scents from Natures Garden are what put us on the map. We enjoy creating weird fragrances that others have not thought of. You want to experience a sense of "weird"? Try our Monkey Farts fragrance oil for starters. How about Elf Sweat, Reindeer Poo, Easter Bunny Burps, Snowman Balls to name a few more. 7 Jul Swordfish, not known for their beauty, also have oily faces, it turns out. But, according to a new study, their greasy skin may contribute to making the fish “ reputedly the fastest swimmer on earth.” The oil comes from a gland hidden under the base of a swordfish's sword, New Scientist reports. One marine. Take a look at the two photos above. Notice the difference between the man on the left and the man on the right? Now, let me ask you “Which man do you think an attractive woman would rather date or sleep with?” The man on the left, or the man on the right? Let's be honest. All things being equal, any woman. weird oil