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Hello! Friends Without Benefits started out as just Alpharad and dad as heck. It became difficult for Alpharad to manage both his main channel and FWOB, since he was doing the editing for both. Months passed and then FWOB was reborn! Joining Alpharad and dad, Weegee, Major Duncan, and Deezus joined the team!. Description. Enables you to show only a post or page's content, without sidebars, footers, and other content. There are many different reasons for wanting to show just the content, but there's never been such an easy way to do it. This plugin adds a box in the post and page editor that provides you with five links: Content Only. There is a setting available for this in the “Pro” version as of version Although you can change the layout/number of columns on mobile, by default the plugin will show the same number of photos. You can limit the feed to a certain number of photos on mobile by using either of the following two methods.


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